when one door shuts, another opens

when one door shuts, another opens

1586 D. ROWLAND tr. Lazarillo D3v This proverbe was fulfild, when one doore is shut the other openeth.

1620 T. SHELTON tr. Cervantes’ Don Quixote III. vii. Where one door is shut another is opened.

1710 S. PALMER Proverbs 49 When one Door Shuts another Opens... How often does the Divine Bounty surprize us with unthought of Felicity!

1821 J. GALT Annals of Parish xxvi. Here was an example..of the truth of the old proverb that as one door shuts another opens;..a full equivalent for her [the light-headed Lady Macadam] was given in this hot and fiery Mr. Cayenne.

1925 S. O’CASEY Juno & Paycock I. 16 ‘The job couldn’t come at a betther time.’.. ‘Ah, God never shut wan door but he opened another.’

1987 S. STEWART Lifting the Latch 105 They say one door in life doesn’t close without another opening.

2002 Washington Post 30 Jan. C15 (Rhymes with Orange comic strip) ‘I always say, “When one door closes, another will open.” In this case, when my office door closes behind you, Security will escort you to the exit and open that door for you.’

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